Kitchen Faucets Are Like Jewelry For Your Kitchen

Kitchen faucets can really dictate the look and feel of your kitchen. It is like putting on jewelry, it is the last item you add and it can completely set off and highlight everything around it or it can look cheap and gaudy. So when you are choosing the faucet for your kitchen you should take a careful look at what type of atmosphere you are hoping the kitchen will have. Here are some top decorating ideas to help you choose the correct kitchen faucet.

The first thing you will need to decide is what type of finish you would like the faucet to be. Most designing experts will tell you that your choice should highlight one of two aspects of your kitchen. First you may decide to match the appliances you have in your kitchen. For example if you have stainless steel appliances you may want to incorporate a brushed nickel faucet or perhaps you have a pure white kitchen, there are many varieties of white faucets to choose from. The other would be to match any lighting fixtures or the cabinetry hardware. There are many finishes to choose from you can have polished chrome, brass plated, copper (which is gaining popularity), burnished brass, black and some limited special ordered colors such as red or cobalt blue, and the two previously mentioned types, brushed nickel or white.

Once you have decided which type of finish you think will accent your kitchen properly then you need to decide on the practical part, the design of the faucet. There are several types of kitchen faucet designs available. In fact, they even have faucets for your kitchen that come directly out of the wall. Many people are choosing the type of design where the spout has a high arch which is very helpful if you use a lot of large deep pots for your cooking. You can choose a kitchen faucet where the hot and cold water is controlled by either a single or double handle.

Another choice you will need to make is whether you would like to purchase a set that includes a soap dispenser and/or a sprayer. If you would like a sprayer there are two ways to incorporate it. First it can be separate and off to the side of the spout or it can be part of the spout. When it is part of the spout you just pull on the end and the sprayer comes away from the spout. This can be a handy feature as most of these types of sprayers are larger than the ones that stand off to the side.