kitchen Island Tips for General Contractor

In this article of my kitchen island design ideas I would prefer to concentrate on spacing between the kitchen island, the refrigerator, and the cooking area counters. If you are in a very early phase of kitchen area renovating as you will have a lot of freedom as to where to place all your kitchen items, these ideas are more appropriate. I personally work and live in the greater Manhattan area. The reason I identified this article specific to Manhattan is because all around the nation living area is much larger and some of these tips will be more relative to smaller sized “Manhattan style” cooking area areas. So here we go.

When creating your kitchen and kitchen island with your general service provider in Manhattan or anywhere else, MAKE CERTAIN to leave adequate area; however not too much space in between the island and the refrigerator. I will try to construct you a photo on ways to design the location now.

The kitchen Island is a rectangle with two slim ends. The fridge ought to be parallel to the narrow end with the refrigerator door opposite the narrow end. Preferably, 2 feet of area is all that is needed between the island and the refrigerator. On the other slim end of the rectangle make sure you also leave the same exact quantity of space.

It is nice to have even areas on both narrow ends. The other end ought to be parallel to a wall in an optimal scenario. On one end of the island you have a refrigerator and on the other end you have a wall. So now the north and south of the island are all set. The longer ends of the island now need to have space of a minimum of 3-5 feet with your kitchen counter running parallel to the longer end of the rectangle. On the other side of the long end I would suggest a comfy circular table likewise 3-5 feet away. I advise a circular dining table as two rectangular items surrounding to each other is not a pretty site.